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Another release of new products from Pragmatic Play!

Dear friends! The team has prepared for you another release of new products from Pragmatic Play! Our developers never cease to delight users with the release of new slots on our website.

Plunge into the world of indescribable emotions and experience the full range of sensations from the games provided by the Pragmatic Play provider. Today they are waiting for you:

  • Cowboys Gold is the favorite slot of all cowboys. The world of the Wild West is mysterious and dangerous, but those who dare to visit it are awarded a special prize. Visit one of the western saloons, where you will join a handful of cowboys and share the local riches with them.
  • Return of the Dead - a slot in the style of the legendary "Book Of Ra". Everyone's favorite interpretation of ancient Egypt reappears on our service. Pragmatic Play releases their own version of the famous books called "The Return of the Dead"
  • Temujin Treasures - Temujin is the real name of the great khan of the Mongol Empire - Genghis Khan. In this eastern slot, you have to fight for his riches, which he managed to get around the world. We have no doubt that you will be extremely surprised by the value of the treasures found!
  • Jungle Gorilla - playing this slot, you will unwittingly find yourself in the kingdom of the wild. The inhabitants of the jungle are hostile to intruders, because they know that ancient treasures are hidden in their possessions. If you manage to avoid all the dangers, perhaps you will become their owner.
  • Spartan King - the slot plunges you into the times of the Greco-Persian war. Team up with the legendary commander of the Spartan army - Leonidas, who is going to be grateful for your help, and in return, is ready to share the conquered riches.
  • Panda's Fortune is another slot dedicated to the inspiring world of the East. A mysterious, incomprehensible and incredibly fabulous corner of our planet inspired the developers of Pragmatic Play to create this charming slot.
  • Monkey Warrior - a slot machine based on the famous Chinese novel "Journey to the West", released in the 16th century. You will meet the mythical monkey king named Sun Wukong. He has magical powers and amazing skills, as well as unimaginable riches that he is ready to share with everyone!

You can find these and other novelties from Pragmatic Play in the corresponding game section on our website. The team is not going to stop and have already prepared another release for you, which will immerse you in the world of your favorite Pragmatic Play slots!