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Multilevel jackpot

Today was activated the system of multilevel JackPot in Stargame

Video slots with multilevel JackPots have range of jackpots, that you can win independently. A part of each player's bet goes to the amount of JackPot. But this part also divides and distributes. So, each independent jack pot rises in this case. When someone wins one of the jackpots, its amount resets to the minimum level, but other jackpots are still growing.

There are 4 level of progressive Jack Pot: BRONZE JACKPOT, SILVER JACKPOT, GOLD JACKPOT and DIAMOD JACKPOT. In the settings of the hall you can set the response of each jackpot and the time interval during which the jackpot is guaranteed to be won by any of the players in your hall:

There are some terms during the process of setting jackpots:

  • Bronze Jackpot must be the lowest among the whole jackpots.
  • Each following jackpot must be twice bigger, than the previous one. So DIAMOND JACKPOT must be twice or more bigger than GOLD JACKPOT, and GOLD JACKPOT must be twice or more bigger than SILVER JACKPOT, which is bigger than BRONZE JACKPOT, therefore.
  • BRONZE JACKPOT must not be zero.
If you wish, you can switch off the SILVER, GOLD and DIAMOND JACKPOTS.
In this case there will be the only progressive jackpot in your hall – BRONZE JACKPOT.

To display the information panel at HD TV to show the status of the jackpot, you need to create a shortcut on the desktop with the command line

casino.exe -game=1 –username =login –password =password

Login to enter and password can be from any of the gaming terminal in your hall that will be used for authentication panel on the server. It is important that no one played with the same login and password in you hall.

Also it is possible to display Jackpot information on a screen directly from jackpot.stargame.games. When displaying, you can choose one of two variants of Jacpot visualization: Diamonds or Dragons. You can select a theme at your choice.