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Keno and Bingo lotteries live broadcast

Unleash the potential of your business and delight your customers with the opportunity to watch broadcasts of popular quick games online: Keno Lottery – is a famous numerical lottery with high winning odds; Bingo Lottery- is the world's favorite lotto variation;
Online broadcast:
The company is proud to present our new development - the Box using which you can enjoy gambling online. The Box device connects to a TV, monitor or projector by HDMI and broadcasts quick games in real-time. The device requires an internet connection. For additional convenience a remote control is also supplied with the kit. Simply connect the device to the screen and start the game!
Advantages of Box:
Watch keno and bingo drawings in the browser:
Users also have the opportunity to watch drawings in the browser - for additional convenience the broadcasts of games are available on our website at https://bingo.stargame.bingo and http://keno.stargame.bingo
Keno How to Play:
The rules of the KENO lottery are quite simple. There are 80 numbered balls in the drum. 20 of them are randomly selected and drawn every few minutes. These are the winning numbers. To play the game player bets on a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 numbers or buys a ticket from the cashier with the numbers already marked. The more numbers were chosen and the more predictions were correct, the bigger the win! Player can also purchase a ticket valid for 10 consecutive draws. With each new draw your winnings are closer! Winning odds are broadcasted on the screen until the start of each new draw. It is possible to increase your bet by 10,000 times - it is a coefficient for 10 matches out of 10 selected balls. Even if there are only two matches, player receives a cash reward for a successful game. Offer Keno to your clients now and you can earn even more tomorrow!
Bingo How to Play:

We offer one of the most popular versions of the game - "British Bingo" with 6 options of winning combinations. Winning players are those who are the first to fill the card according to certain rules: one of the rows, two rows, the left and right sides, the entire inside of the card except the sides, and also all four corners. And the luckiest winner is the player who managed to fill the entire card - Bingo! He receives the maximum winning amount. In case if several players collect required combination at the same time, they divide the prize equally.

In total, there are 90 numbered balls that participate in the game. Every few minutes the next drawing starts and the lottery box hands out the balls one by one. At the same time players mark these numbers in the cards waiting for the winning combinations to appear sooner than for other participants of the drawing. Tickets are ready-made random cards and they can be purchased from the cashier. In each ticket there are three rows of five cells, in total 15 numbers (from 1 to 90) are filled. It's easy to play, you just need to understand simple rules and trust your Fortune! This is a real chance to become richer.

A qualitatively new level of gambling with the Box gives the opportunity to earn more right now!