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Desktop client

Minimum system requirements.

Windows® 7/8/10 (with latest service pack), DX 9.0c
Intel Сore i3 4th gen 2 GHz or equal AMD
Intel® HD Graphics 4600 or newer/better cards
Sound card required
12 GB of free space

Client installation guide.

In order to download the distribution kit go to https://stargame.games, open the section "Downloads", select the desired distribution kit (for computers running Windows - stargamecasinosetup.zip) and save it in any place you prefer. After downloading, please unzip the downloaded file. After unzipping process is over, please go to the folder where you unzipped the file, find there StargameCasinoSetup.exe file and run it. In the window that was opened click the «Next» button and select the folder where you will install the game client (Attention! Do not install the client to the system folder which is usually C:Windows folder, it is recommended not to install the client to the system diskC at all and avoid Russian letters in the client’s folder names) press "Next", then installation asks whether to create a group in the "Start" menu and the shortcut on the desktop, select and press "Next", then click "Install" button, wait until the game client is installed, after installation program offers to run the client immediately, click «Finish». First start may take some time since a check is performed and, if necessary, update of the files.

There are several exe-filed in the folder where the client was installed to, we discuss casino.exe, casinohd.exe and update.exe. Casino.exe and casinohd.exe run two different selectors, selection of the selector does not affect the quantity and quality of the games; casino.exe is an earlier version selector recommended to use for monitors with a lower resolution, and casinohd.exe is more convenient and modern version adapted for high-resolution monitors. Update.exe file runs an unscheduled check and client update; it is recommended to run in case of any problems.

In our games, control is provided from the keyboard: the lines are switched by the keys «F1-F5»; the bets are increased by the Latin "B" key, there is no button to reduce bets, and after reaching the maximum bet and pressing "B" key again the bet is reset to the minimum; Also, the Latin "M" key can immediately set the maximum bet. Also, from the keyboard, you can open the help - Latin "H", turn on the risk game - "D", turn on the auto game - Latin "A", scroll - "Space" and exit - "Esc". All the above values of the keys are set as default, it is possible to remap the keys as desired.

Information about the printer setup, bill acceptor, touchscreen and keyboard reprogramming can be found in the "Settings" section of the client's manual