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Arcade games

The Arcade genre has gained a large army of fans, so our team of developers has prepared for you the release of an incredibly popular games once again!

1. Diablo.

Go to the kingdom of darkness and defeat evil demons who are the real embodiment of horror. Fight for your life and do not let them take over your soul, otherwise, the road back home will be closed for you.

In this legendary arcade game, you have to face your fears and prevail over them. Only the bravest gets incredible prizes and awards!

2. StarCraft

Legendary series of games based on the StarCraft universe. Full immersion in the battle of warring civilizations awaits you! Fight against the terrifying and ruthless zergs in Zerg's Invasion; Stop the retribution of the children of the ancient gods - the Protoses, who claim world domination in the game Protos's Revenge; Finally, put an end to the hegemony of the ruthless Terran race whom you will face in Terran Strike Back.

Enjoy the incredible atmosphere and awesome gameplay in the new StarCraft game series! And a pleasant addition for you - if your operations are successfully completed, you get a monetary reward!

3. Galaxian

The very game that is anticipated by millions of players around the world! We are pleased to announce the return of Galaxian! This is the legendary Arcade game where players have a difficult burden to fight against an army of aliens who attack player’s ship wave after wave. Maneuver from their shots, shoot back and emerge victorious from this battle, and in return, you get a worthy material reward!

4. Ocean King 2

The most popular fishing game in casinos throughout Asia, Ocean King 2 is here!

Platform with cool designs, incredible exciting gameplay and numerous types of fish, such as funny crabs or dangerous octopuses, large and treacherous sharks, small and very agile fishes. Enjoy being King of the Oceans and experience the thrill of winning super coin rewards.

You can find these and other novelties of the Arcade genre in the corresponding game section on our website. The team never stops and is already preparing new releases for you, which are ready to immerse you in a world of indescribable emotions, multiplied by a sense of excitement and the sweet taste of victory!